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  1. Very sad. I’ve touched on this topic at length in several of my own posts. American’s have forgotten that jobs are a means to a larger end. Europeans have it sorted out correctly. 2 months of leave a year, and they use every minute. You can talk to a European in a bar for an hour before what they do “to pay the bills” comes up. In happier news, now both you and Brad have blogs up (http://thetravelsofbradleyj.com). Sniff, sniff …just so proud!

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  2. So, fresh off our trip to Orlando I’m rethinking this blog discussion. I’d like the suggest the possibility that, in addition to the above issue of defining ourselves through our work, that we American’s also are looking for more immediate gratification in our vacations. That we’d rather just take a Monday or Friday off spontaneously than to plan, save, and wait for a real vacation. So perhaps the core statistic expounded upon in this article speaks as much to our lack of discipline these days as American’s as our ability to separate our jobs from our identity.


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