The Life and Times of Jamie

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Hello readers and welcome to another installment of The Life and Times of Jamie. There has been lots of happenings since we last spoke so I will break this story up into parts. As you know, I travel for a living. This makes my free time very anti-social in nature…I don’t want to go anywhere […]

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Originally posted on Road Warrior Voices:
photo by Ludovic Bertron via Flickr Virtually every time I take a business trip, a friend jokingly (or perhaps not so jokingly) asks to hide in my suitcase. The request (whether serious or not) nonetheless underscores the many misconceptions people have about business travel and travelers. Although films like Lost…


Hello readers!!! As I wrap up my stay-cation and get ready to head back out into the hustle and bustle, I felt I should write some things down and share. First things first, there are some out there who don’t know what a “stay-cation” is. (I have been asked several times) A stay-cation is defined […]

So… I know it has been a while since I’ve been on here, and I promised to do more of these.  This year, I have realized something very important: Business travel is quite different personal travel.  A lot of my previous travels was a mixture of both; business travel with enough time to do personal things.  […]