So… I know it has been a while since I’ve been on here, and I promised to do more of these.  This year, I have realized something very important: Business travel is quite different personal travel.  A lot of my previous travels was a mixture of both; business travel with enough time to do personal things.  However, my last couple of months have been a whole lot of business not a lot of personal.  What I’m going to attempt right now is a synopsis of the last couple months to get all of you caught up.  I really do like having the opportunity to do this blog and I hope this is an too long for you.  Some places just aren’t worth to mention so we’ll skip past those.

Where to begin…

1.  Cody Wisconsin–the second week of March gave me the opportunity to visit a place had been looking forward to for a long time.  For all of my new readers (and the old ones too I guess), I am a HUGE westerns fan. Cody was named after William Cody or as he was better known, Buffalo Bill. To get to see the town that Buffalo Bill helped create was definitely something to cross off of the bucket list. First thing, you notice is nothing is up there…and I mean nothing. That’s not a bad thing at all. I can see myself living there when I’m all done with people. There is space to breathe and think; you can actually feel the fog that city life creates in your brain melt away. Cody is located on the northern tip of Yellowstone National Park, so there were buffalo who were roaming and deer and antelope who were playing. Here is a visual recap…

A Trip to Cody

2. Paramus, New Jersey – As I think about this one, I think I will wait until my last trip to Paramus to fill you in…

3. Washington, DC – Now I have been to DC more times than I can count, but Yvette joined me on this trip and it is always pretty cool to see a place you thought you knew pretty well through another person’s eyes. The streets, the sights, the people…all take on a new look through “a rookie’s viewpoint’.

DC Trip

It was a great experience! I suggest to all of my 3 readers out there to re-visit places that you enjoy with people that you love. It becomes a whole new adventure and is definitely worth it.

I guess that is it for my catch up blog. I have a few more things to share but I will put them in future blogs. Don’t worry; the next one is right behind this. I think I will call it “Stay-cation is AWESOME!!” or “Life without Travel: The Stay-cation story”…or something. Until next time…

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