It seems that the beginning of my years are very communicative and it quickly turns into 140 characters by the end of the year. There is still much to say…I guess I find a reason to wittle it down. I think this year, I will try to be consistent with it. I am traveling more than ever these days. So here goes…


I have been seeing more of my own country the last year or so. I have spend my life traveling abroad and experiencing other cultures. It is nice to see the variety of the country I call home. The year started in San Andreas, California. I know what you are thinking, but like I said on my FB…”There is gold in them there hills” California is a lot different than “It never rains in Southern California” California. First, it is a lot more hilly than southern California. And by hilly, I mean drop off the side of the cliff kind of hilly. It takes 35-40 mins to get 14 miles kind of hilly. With that bein said, it’s beautiful country. I wish I would have taken pictures. Maybe next time…

It is amusing traveling through the country and seeing the people. Americans really are the same. They don’t like to admit it; everyone always screams about how they are different and that’s what make “Murica special!!! Hate to break it to you, but…not really folks. I’m not saying America isn’t special; it is exquisitely so. Diversity of people is not what makes it so. I have had lots of New Place experiences but no New People experiences. This is a good and bad thing. But that’s a different blog. 🙂

Life is a journey; some people’s journey just takes them further away from home.

Well until next time…


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  1. Yep, this material is the sweet spot of your blog. You are in a unique position to balance, analyze and compare cultural differences of cities, states and entire regions of the US in a few weeks time. That’s your story man, run with it.

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