I really haven’t been keeping up with  these like I should… I’m a slacker. I apologized to my faithful readers. Quite a bit has transpired since we last spoke, but let’s not dwell on the past.


Today’s entry takes us to the lovely city of Boston.  It has been ages since I was in Beantown and I was looking forward to seeing it again.   A new business venture gave me my chance and I sprung to action. Side note: I have been looking to grow my business lately and accept new challenges. There are so many things I want to do and I think I am going to do them all because…well…Jamie.

Back to the story…. So, I have a rule when I am on the road, business or pleasure. I always try to find and experience the local culture, so I never do anything I can do at home. That means no chains, room service, or Mexican food. Being away from home so much has taught me a very important thing: we bring so much of where we are from with us most times that it drowns out where we are. I didn’t think it would happen in the states; you see it everywhere internationally. But I would argue that it happens as much if not more traveling in the States.

Tip #2: Don’t let what you see on TV form an opinion about a place. No place is as bad or as good as they say. 80% of it is exaggerated; the other 20% is just plain wrong.


Yes officer, those are two large black men in an alley with 3 Caucasian women, no we have no intentions of hurting them…and no, the last time I checked, turquoise wasn’t a gang color. 🙂

Once you let go of your pre-conceptions, you will find you meet the coolest people in the coolest places. You find great BBQ in the Northeast…really, I’m serious. It was awesome. You find life changing experiences.

So, I hope you found value in this session of the Life and Times of Jamie. Tune in next time when I might go back in time and tell you a story about truly understanding where you live through re-discovering the capital city: DC. Until then, I will leave you with the sights and sounds of Boston.
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