The last couple of days has me thinking about the stereotypical “You have hurt me and now I have to hurt something you own” mentality. I am working at Reynolds Army Community Hospital in Lawton, OK and it is a nice place. But something happened to remind me of how shitty our world is sometimes. I rented a brand new red 2013 Mustang to ease the pain of small town living. I am the guy that washes and waxes the rental like I own it. It’s a thing…whatever. šŸ™‚

Well, I parked it as I do every morning in the hospital parking lot and began my day of sharing my awesome with the world. When I came out to go to lunch, I was greeted by an odd image:

Someone felt the need to key the rental car. Now as a guy, several things start to run through your head: Why would you do this to such an awesome piece of machinery???? Which chick did I piss off THIS BAD????? 
Well, I haven’t been here long enough or know enough people for this to be aimed at me. I am assuming that it is a case of mistaken identity and the object of this ire and anger drives a similiar vehicle. I filed a police report so I am not charged for this and my insurance can remain unscathed. My anger is towards the world in which this is acceptable. Did this honestly make you feel better? Does destruction and/or theft lead to a more positive emotional state? Are you surprised when an act like this leads to an escalation of violence/retaliation?
In the end, this was nothing more than a slight annoyance for me, but it speaks to a larger issue that pisses me off. Oooh…and did I mention the police seemed put out when I wanted to file a report??? Kinda your job, asshat!!! But that’s another story for another time…

One thought

  1. Karma is a jealous bitch. Unfortunately, your awesomeness left a negative void in the galaxy. The imbalance had to be rectified, the anomaly corrected. This brief, but infuriating sting has purged the inequality. Do not think of this as a slight, but a cosmic cleansing. You may now return to being awesome again, unscathed.


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