Hello all! I feel the need to rehash an old rant of mine. It has been two years and not much has changed. Here’s what I wrote then:

“Maybe it’s just me but I’m a little tired of carmakers who design proprietary iPod connectors to squeeze an extra 40 bucks outta people. I guess I see it more because I drive other people’s cars more than my own (her name is Teddy, short for Theodora). It’s the most popular portable music player, people!!!! Sure, I can use the auxiliary port but that makes me have to control it from the device unsafely and makes you look like asshats who suck monkey balls. Thank you Ford for getting it right. It may seem like a little thing but having the ability to use Sync makes me always ask for a Ford when I rent. It makes being on the road a little more bearable. It’s 2011 for Christ’s sake!!! Integration should be standard. And you can’t say you haven’t thought about it, because you even have gone so far as to put the iPod button on the dash with the other buttons. You do realize it comes across as a big “Fuck you!!!!”, right? Japanese car makers are notorious for it, but American car makers have no excuse. If my tax dollars bailed you out, I want a daggum USB port and dash/steering wheel controls!!!!!! Why the fuck do I care or trust that you can get an electric car right if this concept escapes you. 

That is all. As you were…”

So it’s been two years and hundreds of millions of tax dollars later….and all I get is the Volt.

Thanks, assholes!!!