It seems that the beginning of my years are very communicative and it quickly turns into 140 characters by the end of the year. There is still much to say…I guess I find a reason to wittle it down. I think this year, I will try to be consistent with it. I am traveling more […]

I really haven’t been keeping up with  these like I should… I’m a slacker. I apologized to my faithful readers. Quite a bit has transpired since we last spoke, but let’s not dwell on the past. Today’s entry takes us to the lovely city of Boston.  It has been ages since I was in Beantown and […]

Epiphanies hit you in the weirdest places. As I sit here in the Delta Sky Club at Atlanta Hartfield Jackson International’s Concourse A, I am realizing some interesting things. DISCLAIMER: This blog is about observations…not complaints or boasting. My usual 4 readers will understand, but for the new readers, take it with a grain of […]

Hey guys! I am not one for New Year’s resolutions but if I had any regrets, it would be neglecting my blog. So I’m back!!! Since this is a new year, let’s leave 2013 where it is…in the past. There are things we could talk about, but why dwell on them? 🙂 I look forward […]

Hello all! I feel the need to rehash an old rant of mine. It has been two years and not much has changed. Here’s what I wrote then: “Maybe it’s just me but I’m a little tired of carmakers who design proprietary iPod connectors to squeeze an extra 40 bucks outta people. I guess I […]

I know…it’s been a while since I have here. The Life and Times of Jamie has had a lot going on and I have failed my 3 readers in keeping you up to date. For that I apologize. It is 2013 and a lot has happened since last we spoke. Let’s do a quick rundown: […]

Those who know me know that to say I am electronically connected is a bit of an understatement. I travel with two phones, a laptop, an iPad, a PS Vita, an iPod Touch, GPS, a Jambox, and a myriad of adapters and cables and the like. This is an important point for all the newcomers […]